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The Galley Hall can be hired for one off events and has become very popular for children’s parties as it is secure and away from public view. For this reason, the hall has also been used for many private functions such as wakes and memorials.

The Galley Hall is situated on the upper level of the centre. It is accessible by stairs or lift and has a disabled toilet adjacent to the kitchen.
The hall will hold up to 50 adults seated around tables and has a kitchen area with serving counter. There are cooking facilities and a catering urn within the kitchen.

There are windows to both sides of the hall that make it nice and bright which makes the hall very popular with painting and art based groups.
The Galley Hall is slightly smaller than the main hall (Halsey Hall) downstairs but has a more private feel to it as there are no thoroughfares from it. 

The hall has been home to weekly events for many years such as:

  • Painting and Art Groups. 
  • Church Services.
  • Tap & Dance Classes.
  • Youth Connexions have recently started a weekly Youth Group meeting.

The hall was created when the refurbishment was carried out in 1996 and was home to our after school club for many years until the club was closed in early 2016.

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